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Could your business survive a catastrophic loss of data? Chances are your computer is full of lots of important data such as databases, financial documents, emails and more. All of this can be lost in an instant since computers are vulnerable to theft, virus attacks and most commonly hard drive failure.

Working with StorageCraft, we’re able to offer clients a best-in-class backup and disaster recovery solution for servers, desktops and laptops. A major challenge for many companies is successfully implementing a business continuity model to avoid business disruption following a server failure. We provide fast, reliable and fully managed disaster recovery, data protection and system migration solutions to get servers back online as quickly as possible.

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BDR Solution

Remote backup assures that your data is recoverable and protected. Data is stored in state of the art data centres which are designed to protect against malicious hackers, power outages and other interruptive disasters.
Encrypting your data is the most effective way to keep unwanted eyes from looking at your confidential data. All backed up data is stored encrypted, so that even the most determined attacker has no way of deciphering your data.
Nothing is easier than doing nothing. CCCit backup solutions are fully managed by a team of trained professionals, so you never have to worry about your data backup.
Full on and off-site disaster recovery for up to 6 months of data (this can be increased if required).
All backups are monitored and verified for faults on a daily basis.