For instant IT support, please contact CCCit on 01173 700 050. A CCCit support representative will provide you with a 6-digit code. Enter this 6-digit code below and our remote support software will begin downloading. Your CCCit support technician will guide you through the installation process and will soon be able to connect to your computer to provide a helping hand.

Enter the 6-digit code provided by our support team:

If you require support for any IT problems, CCCit can assist you instantly via our remote utilities. Contact one of our fully qualified support technicians on 01173 700050, and they will talk you through a process which will enable them to access your computer, and resolve the problem you face. First, however, they will require remote support access, so it is important for you to know exactly what this entails. What is remote support?

If you have an IT problem that you are unable to resolve yourself, it is likely that you will need help from an expert. Our technicians use a remote support service that allows them to access your computer remotely, i.e. from their office. This enables them to access the same information as you, which will help them resolve your problem. Asking yourself, “do I want to show my PC to another person?” do not worry. Our expert technicians are fully trained and work with the utmost discretion, to resolve the problems you have and nothing more. When they have finished, you will see that they sign out from your computer, and this ends the remote support completely. They are unable to access your computer without permission. CCCit’s team use the best remote desktop software, to get you where you need to be. The process is quick and easy, and as our technicians are experts in their field, they know what needs to be done and work quickly to resolve your issues straight away. Working with our values, ‘care, transparency and excellent service’ at the heart of everything we do, we treat you with the respect that you deserve, ensuring that you receive a first class and friendly service. How does the process work?

When you have an IT problem that you cannot resolve, call our friendly team of support technicians on 01173700050 and they will have a conversation with you about the issues you are facing. If they think that you need to use the remote utilities, they will provide you with a 6-digit code and this needs to be entered in to the box as seen on this screen. When you enter this code, you are giving us permission to access your computer remotely, enabling us to begin the remote support process and resolve your problems. After you have entered the code, the remote desktop support software will begin to download, and our technicians will guide you through the remaining steps in the installation process. As we use trusted, highly developed remote desktop support software, you can be sure to trust the software you are installing. It is also worth noting at this stage, that if there is anything you are unsure of, please ask our technician. They will be happy to answer any questions, and will do so without using any unnecessary technical jargon. Once the software is installed and the code has been entered, the technician will connect and resolve your issues. Use CCCit for an effective, efficient remote support experience!