Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Group 1

It is unusual for us not to be able to provide support or consultancy on any form of technology, and we will always do our very best to accommodate all of your requirements. If you have any special requirements, just ask us and we’ll give you an honest response.
Our support contracts are available and focused purely on business related systems and activity. We do however provide support to home users in relation to existing corporate support contracts.
Support contracts start from as little as 12p per computer per day. Use our online quote tool or contact us to find out more.
Your request, whether it be via phone, email or in person, gets entered into our support ticketing systems immediately so that one of our engineers can begin work on the issue as soon as possible. The large majority of support requests we receive are resolved whilst you are still on the phone.
See here for our office opening hours. We provide 24/7 monitoring and if desired, 24/7 service desk.
We aim to support all software, and in most cases we are able to. If you use bespoke third-party software, we will happily assist you in managing those relationships effectively for your business.