IT Services

We understand that your company needs more than just a well maintained network in order to run smoothly. CCCit can help to keep things simple by also offering a number of other services from Broadband to Cloud Computing services to website design.

  • Access to the latest technology at the best prices
  • Reduce downtime
  • Full time cover - no need to worry about holidays and days off
  • Greater pool of expertise
  • Low capital outlay and predictable monthly costs
  • Save money. It can be up to 70% cheaper to outsource

CCCit create and manage business computing solutions for a large range of
clients – including businesses like yours. We understand how our clients’ business works, what their priorities and challenges are and we always aim for the smoothest transition possible to the service which makes most sense for them. The success of our clients and our people is imperative to us, so you can rest assured that we’re always working hard with your best interests in mind.

Information Technology (IT) can be one of the most incredible tools that your company utilises. When you get your IT right, you work efficiently - promoting your company using the most modern-day methods to suit the industry you compete within. The right IT solution keeps your staff happy and aids communication networks within all levels of the business.
Getting your IT wrong, however, is incredibly frustrating and moves the company backwards rather than forwards. Your business processes can be slowed down, and your marketing and promotion sectors of the business become worthless. When this happens, it feels like you are out of touch, regressing back to the days where typewriters and the royal mail were your best friend!
CCCit are experts in finding the right IT solutions for you. We provide a wide range of IT services for small businesses, and medium sized organisations in and around Bristol. Our friendly, efficient staff have been trained to intuitively identify the problem and solution to what you need, even if you are unaware of it when you contact us. Everything that we do is focussed around the customer and their experience, and because of this, we regard ourselves to be amongst the top IT solution providers out there.

More than just a network

An effective IT system is one that is constantly changing and growing as the times progress, and it is no longer sufficient to simply install a network and leave it to do its job. You need an IT solutions company that can give you the latest technology at the best possible prices. A company that work full time, to ensure that you always have the IT support that you need. When the business is due to carry out important IT renovation work, you need to work with a company that reduces downtime as much as possible. Time is money after all, and a network not operating delays everything in the office.
CCCit are the people to call upon. We are lucky to have a great pool of expertise at our disposal, and urge you to utilise the service we can offer. We are happy to provide managed IT solutions that give you access to the latest in IT solutions. When work needs to be carried out, we will give you solutions to reduce downtime. We can give you advice and support with Broadband, cloud computing and website design; no job is too big or too small for our team of experts!

Why CCCit?

We have years of experience, working with a diverse range of clients in and around Bristol. As such, we have learnt the IT solutions that many businesses require, and intuitively work with you to install what you need. Everything that we do focusses around the customer and our key values: transparency, customer service and care. This helps us to exceed customer expectations.
Our ability to create and maintain effective working extends to our suppliers, and we will get you solutions at the best possible price. Rest assured that the solution proposed to you by CCCit will be the one most relevant to your business; we are a company that you can trust and enjoy working with.